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Beregi Bringások (Cyclists of Bereg)

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B2 group was created by the Tourinform Office. Our purpose is to endear bicycling and nature to more and more people. As good weather sets in, starting from April we get on our bicycles once in every month to visit local sights, participate in festivals, admire the beauty of the Upper Tisza region, taste the local gastronomy and of course we ride. Those of you who do not have a bicycle should not be worried, since there is a possibility to rent either conventional or electric bicycles in our Tourinform office in Vásárosnamény.


BICYCLE TOURS IN 2017: If possible, we are planning our tours on the first Monday of every month!

 More accurate information about the exact dates can be found on the site !

April Fritillaria tour (Márokpapi): We are visiting one of the nature reserves of Bereg, where we can view the blooming of the protected fritillaria, which counts as a real curio in our country.

29th April – 1st May (3 days) Bereg area heritage tour – „Heritage tour in order to explore the historical Bereg. Two countries share this region today, one half of it remained part of Hungary, and the other half became the „most Hungarian” area of Ukraine. Subcarpathia is the paradise of medieval churches, castles, palaces and historical sites.” Throughout the three days of the tour we are going to visit these historic values of Bereg. (Passport is necessary for crossing the border)

JuneVisiting Szatmár (Cégénydányád - Gyügye): Visiting the Kende Mansion, which was renovated in 2016, and its nature trail in Cégénydányád, and then visiting the Europa-Nostra prize winner church in Gyügye.

7th JulyBicycle tour on Zoard Day (Meeting of the twin-cities): Cyclists are going to arrive from the Romanian and Slovakian twin-cities of Vásárosnamény to the Zoard Day Festival. Our cyclists are welcoming them in the cities nearby and they are arriving together for the opening of the event.

August – ExploringTúristvándi, Szatmárcseke: We are going to visit two iconic sights of Szatmár. In Túristvándi we are going to view the watermill that has been built in the 18th century, but it is still working. We are going to pay a visit to the cemetery in Szatmárcseke with wooden headboards which is unique in Europe, and then we are paying our tribute at Ferenc Kölcsey’s grave.

September– Bicycle tour to the Pumpkin Festival of Nagydobos, touching Vaja: We are going to visit castle Vay in Vaja, which is one of the most beautiful buildings built in renaissance style in the Upper-Tisza region. In the afternoon we are participating in the Pumpkin Festival of Nagydobos, where we can taste the “pumpkin delicacies”.


We are inviting everyone to a game!


In this year we are inviting every hiker and visitor to a game. Those of you who are verified to have completed at least 4 tours throughout the bicycle tours organized by the Cyclists of Bereg in the year 2017 can participate in the game, and who also make sure that their point collecting booklet is handed over to one of the colleagues of the Tourinform Office until the 31st of September, 2017. Participants of the game will be awarded within two categories.

Prize:Whoever participates in all 6 of our tours will be awarded a hiker equipment (worth 5000 Ft), and those who complete at least 4 tours will be awarded a gift pack compiled of the products of “Heart of Bereg” (worth 3000 Ft)!


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Tamási Áron u. 1.
Tel/Fax.: (06-45) 470-022; 470-035; 470-225

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Vásárosnaményi Járási Hivatal Kormányablak Osztály

Cím:4800 Vásárosnamény, Tamási Á. u. 1.
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