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Tomcsányi castle – Museum of Bereg


Tomcsányi castle is a Baroque castle which can be admired in its complete beauty since 2007, and it gives place to the collection of the Museum of Bereg. The preserved historic building with arcades, pillared porch, four towers and corner rooms used to be the residence of the Lónyay family. Ferenc Rákóczi II was staying here when he issued the „Namény edict” in which he invited the noblemen of Szabolcs to fight. In the museum a permanent exhibition demonstrates the prehistory of Bereg ad the era of the Conquest. At this exhibition demonstrating the folk culture of the region there can be seen not only the nationally renowned collection of iron stoves and pig-iron, but also an embroidery and folk weave collection of Bereg, Easter eggs of Bereg, architectural monuments, furnishment and other household objects.


Opening Hours:


1st April – 31st October


Monday: Closed


Tuesday – Friday: 8:30–16:30


Saturday–Sunday: 8:00–16:00



1st November – 31st March


Monday–Friday: 8:00–16:00


Contact Information:


Address of the museum:4800 Vásárosnamény, Szabadság tér 26.

Head office and post address of the museum:4800 Vásárosnamény, Rákóczi út 13.

Phone:(+36) 45/ 470 638, (+36) 45/ 570 146


Szent István Memorial Park


The Memorial Park can be found next to the Tomcsányi Castle, where multiple artworks created by Aranka E. Lakatos sculptor can be seen; the bronze half-length statue of the agricultural politician Sándor Kiss, who was born in Vásárosnamény, and the bronze full-length statue of St. Stephen.

Location:4800 Vásárosnamény, Szabadság tér


Mother River with her Children


The statue composition called “Mother Rover with her Children” on the Szabadság Square is an artwork of symbolic meaning, representing the meeting of three rivers – Tisza, Szamos, Kraszna – at the city border. Formally the bathing mother and her children are giving a lyrical “action” to this piece of art, in which the mother (the river Tisza) is hugging her children (Szamos, Kraszna) in order for them to move forward together in the sweeping dynamism. The artwork was inaugurated in 1987.


Location:4800 Vásárosnamény, Fő tér


Reformed Church


The historic building of the reformed church can be found in the city centre. The original gothic church was built in the 14th century, and extended in the 18th century; however, it was reconstructed in 1937. A gothic keystone has remained from the old church; the epitaph of Zsuzsanna Lónyay. According to the stories the Transylvanian-type pulpit and the two Moses-chairs were made of the previous church’s wood material.


Address:4800 Vásárosnamény, Szabadság Square 8.


Szilva Thermal Bath and Wellness


The water of the bath was labeled as medicinal water in 2014. The alkali hydrogen carbonated medicinal water which comes up from a depth of 700 meters contains sodium, chloride and sulfate in a large amount. For the lovers of swimming there is a 16 meters long pool with 120 centimeters average depth that provides a pleasant way to relax. The wellness services of the spa are designated to help the physical and spiritual recreation of the visitors. Children can have a wonderful time at the aquatic nursery.


Contact Information


Address:4800 Vásárosnamény Beregszászi Street 1/b.

Phone/Fax:(+36) 45/ 470-180




Atlantika Waterpark


Atlantika Waterpark which can be found a few hundred meters away from the free beach of Tisza provides a great source of entertainment all day for the whole family. It is welcoming visitors from May till September with its slide park covering an area of 4.5 hectares, thermal and experience pools and a seal show.


Contact Information:


Address: Vásárosnamény – Gergelyiugornya Gulácsi Street 56.

Phone:(+36) 45/570-112



Free Beach of Tisza


The biggest attraction of Vásárosnamény is its waters. The silky sand free beach of Tisza in Gergelyugornya entices tourists every year, but it is also a favored harbor of the ones on a water tour.

Near the coast there are almost 400 wooden stilt houses which turn the coastal area into a real holiday resort. There are many clubs, catering units and restaurants close to the free beach that offer high quality services to the visitors.



Vizipocok Kikötő (Water Vole Harbor)


To the fans of active and extreme sports there is a possibility to rent hovercrafts, catamarans, BBQ grill and party boats, but they can also drive a jet-ski, wakeboard or surf. You can roam around the area by bicycle, tandem and segway on the built-up levee crest, and at nights you can have a great party in the clubs.


Location:Gergelyiugornya- Tisza coast recreation area

Phone:(+36) 30/288-4426, (+36) 30/288-2236




Plane-tree Lane


The plane-tree lane which consists of 86 trees and was planted at the beginning of the 20th century enjoys local protection. It can be found along the access route to the part of the city called Vitka in Vásárosnamény.


Location: 4804 Vásárosnamény-Vitka, Damjanich Street

Hunting Exhibition

The permanent exhibition was formed on 600m2 presenting fair game from the 5 continents. It demonstrates Africa, Asia, Canada, and also Europe is part of it, in which Hungary and Bereg is emphasized with its game and wildlife. Inside the exhibition space 80 prepared large mammals, 20 small mammals and about 40 birds were placed. As the door is opened the birds awaken along with the rising sun, and passing by them we can hear their singing, just as other animals placed in the exhibition sound with their own voice. Visitors are informed about the occurrence of the different species in an interactive way, via Ipads so as the hunters and civilians – especially children – may get an insight onto the relationship of the nature, the game and the hunter.


Address:4800 Vásárosnamény Szabadság Square 25.
Phone:06 30 372 47 70



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