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Flavors and Experiences of summer in the Home of Zoard



4 days / 3 nights


If it’s summer than it’s time for the water, Tisza-beach, party, plum palinka, fish soup!


Day 1


After arriving to Vásárosnamény take a walk with the Pocket Guide, which you can rent at the Tourinform office, and which leads you through the sights of the city. By no means should you skip the Museum of Bereg that has moved to the Tomcsányi Castle. Here you can view not only the nationally known iron stove and pig iron collection, but also an embroidery and folk weave collection of Bereg and Easter eggs of Bereg as well. After this you can visit the Hunting Exhibition, which is unique in the Eastern part of the country. Later you should get on a bike – which you can also rent at the Tourinform office – and take a short bypass on the levee crest to Gergelyiugornya. If the weather is nice, you can take a bath in the water of Szőke Tisza, or you can sunbathe on the sandy beach. After bathing comes the lunch. You have to taste the fish soup of Tisza and the fried fish in one of the coastal restaurants. At the evening enjoy the sunset while sitting on the sandy beach, and become one with the nature!


Day 2


After breakfast you should get into your car and visit all the pilgrimage sites which are not to be missed, and also visit the medieval churches. First you should visit Tákos, where the reformed church with a wattle-and-daub and wooden coffered ceiling, which is also called the “Barefooted Notre Dame”, is definitely a must-have experience. After this, visit Csaroda where you can see one of the most beautiful rural churches from the Roman era, and where the healing saints are smiling only here. If you want to know what does that mean, you need to visit the church! The next stop of the tour is Tarpa, where the only remaining dry mill of the Northern region beyond the Tisza can be seen. Have a lunch at the Tarpa House of Palinka, where you can attend a lunch combined with a palinka and cheese tasting. At the palinka distiller of the Tarpa Manufacture you can get to know the distillery techniques, the history of palinka and the tasting techniques. After this, visit Túristvándi, where you can view the nationally outstanding, still functional Watermill. As a relaxation you can row on the Öreg-Túr River in a spectacular environment. Once in their lifetime everyone has to make a pilgrimage to the grave of the author of the Hungarian Hymn to Szatmárcseke, in the cemetery with wooden headboards, which is well-known for its boat-shaped headboards. Then pay your respect at Zsigmond Móricz’s birthplace in Tiszacsécse, where you can hear and read the psalms of our famous author. Dinner will be served in one of the restaurants of Vásárosnamény.


Day 3


After breakfast you can choose between several facultative programs. If you would like to spend the day near the water, then you can go to the free beach of Gergelyiugornya, where you have an opportunity to try extreme sports like jet-ski, segway, but you can also boat on the Tisza. You can enjoy the sunshine on the sandy beach while swimming, sunbathing, or take the water by a special BBQ boat – which you can rent in Gergelyiugornya, at Vízipocok Kikötő (Water Vole Harbor) – where you can roast the pre-marinated meats yourself, thus you can enjoy the beauty and calmness of the Tisza-area. Meanwhile you can view the river walls packed with sand martin nests and the heron settlements. Moreover, in the last days of June you can admire the Tisza-blooming, which provides an unforgettable experience. If you are arriving between the 7th and the 9th of July, than you can attend the Zoard-day Gathering in Vásárosnamény, which is an event named after the legendary nominator of the city. In the yard of flavors you can choose between several local dishes; taste the “lapótya”, “cinke” or the bread dough. You can look around in the bustle of the fair, where craftsmen are selling their products. At the evening you can party during the concerts. (


Day 4


Spend your last day with resting. If you like huge slides and you are interested in the seal and parrot show, than Atlantika Waterpark is the best choice.  If you love hot water, than you can have a bath in the medicinal water of Szilva Thermal and Wellness.



Besides rural guesthouses, private accommodations and pensions, three and four-starred hotels are welcoming our dear guests. Tourists can explore the area without guidance, using the Pocket Guide which you can rent at the Tourinform office. In addition, there is also an opportunity to rent bicycles.



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